Ayn's Early Summer Newsletter 2017: Legends of the Grail Series

Published: Wed, 06/21/17

Ayn's Early Summer News:
Legends of the Grail Series
Ancient Stories for Modern Inspiration
I realize that I have not sent out a newsletter for several months and I apologize to my readers but you see, I've been writing. Each book in the Legends of the Grail series is about 300 pages, and it takes a while to put it all together. Once my creative muse begins to visit, the best thing to do is just to keep my fingers moving. 

Someone recently asked me how to write a book, and I suggested that she throw away everything she had ever been taught, sit beneath a tree and simply start writing. That's how A Story of Becoming came to me. I was simply relaxing in the Chalice Well Gardens in Glastonbury, Somerset, England and the story insisted on being written. As a woman, I have learned to receive words, images and tales.

The stories in Legends of the Grail arose out of the living landscape. You see, the world is alive. When we learn to listen with the ears of our hearts, and see from the single eye, then we get to slip between the veils. It is when the body-mind is busy doing something else, such as walking along a path, that the imaginal can visit. You see, there is a difference between setting goals, and simply allowing the creative intelligence to operate through us. When True Nature works through us, we simply blossom.

Legends of the Grail: Stories of Celtic Goddesses is a series of myths and legends shared with a twist. After the legend is told in the traditional way, the Goddess (generally demonized or misunderstood in some way) is given the chance to tell her tale in a way that frees her from centuries of confusion. We are then invited to find her essence within us. It might just be that as these Goddesses forgive themselves, that we too can let go of stories that no longer serve us, and learn to play, sing and dance again instead.

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If Eve could retell her story, do you think she would share it any differently?

The Missing Stories of Ireland coming soon...
Women Can Change the World for the Better
I was trying to hide from radio and television while I finished my series, but Joyce van der Lely of New Zealand sought me out and inspired me to join "Find Your Force Unleash Your Feminine Energy." She is a lively powerhouse and I have enjoyed working with her. And how could any woman resist that title? This is a FREE online interview series designed to inspire and uplift women. I'm excited to hear how women across the world are coming together to create positive change. It's about time! My interview will air July 3. Follow this link to sign up: https://www.findurforce.com/ayncs